Jeremiah Stephenson & Darren Moore

Organ & Trumpet


Darren Moore and Jeremiah Stephenson began playing together whilst studying at the Royal Academy of Music. Their first recital was at Marylebone Parish Church in which they gave their first entire performance of Petr Eben's Okna. Since starting with one of the most famous pieces for this combination of instruments they have added a wide selection of music including works by modern composers as well as Andrea Gabrieli and G. B. Viviani. Darren and Jeremiah enjoy improvising as a duo, something that allows them to push each other and to learn from one another in a creative process. 


One of their first recitals together was for Darren's Masters of Music final recital in 2014, earning him a DipRAM for high quality of performance and artistic programming. Since then they have performed in prestigious venues including Hampton Court Palace Chapel, All Saints Church in Marlow, St Lawrence Jewry, Peterborough Cathedral, and at the 2018 Thames Concerts Series.


Much of the repertoire they have explored together has been unsurprisingly influenced by religion. They find that their combination of instruments has such a wide range of sounds available to them that every recital can incorporate a wide variety of genres and timbres including a number of different types of trumpets, cornetts, and the awesome range of dynamics and characters of the organ.


Future projects will include more experimentation with electronics, improvisation, whilst still maintaining a high level of research to form sets of pieces that compliment each other and form strong and relevant themes.

Bach BWV 972 mvt III

Viviani Sonata Prima mvt III